Man Jali – Episode 20 – 24th October 2012 Man Jali – Episode 20 – 24th October 2012 Man Jali – Episode 20 – 24th October 2012 Man Jali – Episode 20 – 24th October 2012

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Aks episode 9 – 24th October 2012 Aks episode 9 – 24th October 2012 Aks episode 9 – 24th October 2012 Aks episode 9 – 24th October 2012

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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon - 24th October 2012 written update Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon - 24th October 2012 written update Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon - 24th October 2012 written update Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon - 24th October 2012 written update

The show begins with doc handing medicine for Aaray to Sheetal while Khushi is lost in her own suspicion. Flashback of what Manorama said and Doc saying daibetis is heriditery.
After they come out of doc Khushi ask Sheetal does she or Arrav’s father has daibetis ? Sheetal feels akward and she doesn’t answer. Sheetal says she should go to house and get Aarav back.
Arrav and Arnav is watcing the football game. Anjali and Akash sees them and says Nani doesn’t they look like Son-Father. Khushi and Sheetal reaches home.
Sheetal tells Arrav has daibetis to everyone.
Everyone is sad.
Sheetal tells Arrav to bring bag to leave. Suddenly Sheetal’s mobile rings.

The landlord says Sheetal he wont be able to hand keys of new apartment today. Sheetal now has no place to stay.
Khushi is in confusion whether she should stay here or not ? finally she ask Sheetal to stay there.
Sheetal first refuses, then when whole family insists she agrees .. she leaves to bring her luggage from hotel.

Arnav scolds Khushi why she asked Sheetal to stay. He expalins her she was his ex.girlfriend…
He goes to bedroom. Khushi follows him and tries to ask DID he and Sheetal ever… got intimate but cannot ask … after asking here and there questions.

Khushi finds a perfect place to think properly. So she hides inside cupboard to think. All flashback of events where everything pointing Arnav is Aarav’s father.
Arnav searches for Khushi and finally finds she is inside cupboard as she is loud thinking.
Khushi says she is cleaning cupboard… Arnav tells her to come out.

Khusi tells she will go to clean kitchen. Arnav tells her to watch tv and leaves.
She watches TV where some anchor tells her how to know hidden secrets of your husband. Khushi is glued … to VASHIKARAN technique which the anchor mentions in the show.

Episode ends

PRECAP – NK tells Khushi … in today’s time there is so many technology to find out father of the child. He say DNA test which can be done just with HAIR of child and father.


Ek Tamanna La Hasil si Episode 4 – 24th October 2012 Ek Tamanna La Hasil si Episode 4 – 24th October 2012 Ek Tamanna La Hasil si Episode 4 – 24th October 2012 Ek Tamanna La Hasil si Episode 4 – 24th October 2012

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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 24th October 2012 written update Saath Nibhana Saathiya 24th October 2012 written update Saath Nibhana Saathiya 24th October 2012 written update Saath Nibhana Saathiya 24th October 2012 written update

kokila standing after switching off the light, all bengalis and gujratis come there
and see koki standing near the main switch...all bengalis start to blame koki as
she has stopped the light..koki tries to defend herself but anindita madam also says
she thought koki as a sensible person who wants to stop fighting, but she only doing
all these...gopi comes beside koki to defend her, she says koki can never do such things,
at that time bengali lady paromita was seen rolling gas cylinder...savita, urmi and all gujjus
start blaming her as a gas cylinder thief...urmi also says when she told that is her cylinder
then also stealing...savita says shameless people...paromita says she has not taken that.
koki supports her,.paromita is not stealing gas but saving us from fire...paromita also says same,
paromita explains how she saw fire and tried to save pandal from fire, then anindita madam looks electric wire which is half burnt...she understands everything...urmi says all these are bengalipeople's controversy,but koki stops urmi and says not to tell a word,everybody should be thankful to paromitaji, but urmi is blaming her...urmi stopped..then one bengali lady says paromita saved life,but why koki has stopped light, then anindita madam says everybody that koki saved their life,,,she shows that wire and explains everything...if koki has not stopped fuse, they could die...anindita madam says thank you to koki, she has saved life, koki says thanks to god for that,koki has done that duty as a human being, gopi says thanks to paromitaji, koki also says so...koki says paromita has saved and paromita says kokila same...all happy..urmi savita pissed off...

gopi says this incident happened according to devi maa planonly, god wanted to stop the fighting this way, now they all can enjoy together, both maa durga and maa ambe are same , anindita madam also supports gopi and says they will enjoy together,,gopi says nothing we can gain through fighting,both of them have same aim that is puja , so lets do that peacefully...jigar says they will share light with gujratis so everybody can enjoy. bengali madam says thank you, rashi also side gujrati and one side bengali puja aarti is going on, both are enjoying their festivals,,,wonderful awesome scene craetion i must say,,both side they are dancing
their own type dance, background music jai matadi , and gopi standing infront of big mataji idol,thanking devi ma east west harmony shown...

everybody cleaning house for diwali, koki says mithi to work carefully...rashi doing some cleaning work standing on a ladder, again starts that she could have stayed for taking care of baa, but no she needs to work, and she fell down from ladder and backet on her head,she says for all these reasons she hates diwali, koki calling rashi to come down , she has some work with her, gopi comes and asks if she needs to do any help, koki says she already told gopi should not do those
works of cleaning...gopi says she will go and call rashi, gopi comes upstairs and watch rashi sitting down and room is so watery, she wants to help but rashi says her not to come, if gopi comes and falls there then koki will kill rashi...but gopi comes carefully near her...

Urmi putting all old clothes in one place, dhawal comes and gives some cloths which kinjal has given ...urmi see her one good saree there and come to kinjal to ask why she has given urmi's saree...kinjal says that saree is old, torn , if urmi wears that saree and goes with kinjal
then everybody thinks kinjal is malkeen and urmi servant...urmi angry and says
kinjal to talk sensibly...kinjal says but urmi has never talked like that...urmi shouts
on her name and kinjal leaves...kinjal comes out and looks her new dress in that
waist cloth bundle..she says urmi is thrwing it because she likes it and it is not fitting
urmi..that is latest collection , then urmi and kinjal both dragging that cloth and fighting,
dhawal comes running...but cloth gets spoiled due to both side pulling...urmi taunts her
that kinjal's dress is spoilt, then kinjal shows urmi saree also spoilt with that, both see their
torn dresses...

Savita yelling on servant as he is doing work slowly,says him to work fast...

Kokila giving instruction to mithi how to clean, she says from now only if they clean then
at diwali house will be shiny..gopi comes and koki asks about rashi, gopi says rashi fell
down , koki asksm if she is ok , gopi says yes, she got wet so changing dress, koki says
she always advice rashi to work slowly...gopi asks if she can go and help,koki says she
should not do much work in pregnancy, she can clean temple but slowly...

Savita comes near MM main gate and throws all garbage, waist things outside that gate
main road, watchman asks why she is throwing there. she says her wish, the road is no modis
after that koki also comes to garden, says maali to water plants nicely as its too sunny nowadays
koki watches those garbages, asks watchman about that and he says it is savita...savita is
bringing more garbages infront of gate, koki asks what is going on, gopi also comes..savita says she is cleaning house for diwali, if koki also doing or not..koki asks why she is throwing garbages on road, she could have done it morning when municipality garbage van comes...koki requests her to take all those and bring next morning.. savita says that van comes early morning, who will wake up then to throw garbages,she says so many garbage will not fit in her house trashcan, koki starts saying as a resonsible citizen, they should keep clean roads also, both start fighting again..savita says nothing will happen, it is one side,not to make such big issue of that, koki says if elder people like them will do these type of job, then how they can teach kids? savita says she is a normal lady, does not want to be great like koki, if koki has so much problem then she should only clean those...savita has lot of work of diwali and left... gopi says koki has told right to keep one more trash can, koki says savita does not listen, gopi says but they can plan something...

Koki calls anindita madam, and suggest about more trashcan, asks permission,anindita madam very happy says she will send permission letter but if so much funding will be available or not, koki says she will help, not a problem...madam says she will send now only...cuts call, gopi asks if the plan is done koki says gopi's idea is very good...


Municipality people com with some trash cans and placing them, savitaben walking out and watches those, asks what is happening, that person says koki asked for those..SB thinking that koki was really serious about garbage, she says yes koki is responsible ciizen thats why, that person shows name also written on that kokila ben modi, savita see that and gets some idea, calls everybody there and making fun of koki, she shows everybody that name written or trashcan...all laughing, one lady says why they are laughing, koki has done such a great job, so many extra trash cans then at diwali everybody can clean their house and throw trash there the whole area will be clean because of koki, all praising koki and savita disgusted...

PRECAP...Rashi and urmi talking in phone, rashi blaming koki that she is ordering her to do all work urmi blaming kinjal that she has thrown her saree, rashi finally says it is urmi's fault that she given kinjal so much freedom...
Balika Vadhu 24th October 2012 written update Balika Vadhu 24th October 2012 written update Balika Vadhu 24th October 2012 written update Balika Vadhu 24th October 2012 written update

Episode begins with Shiv driving and remembering his meetings with Anandi to what he said to Jagaya yesterday that he loves Anandi. Shiv then says to himself how many times I have confessed this to myself but never said it to Anandi .He then picks up his mobile saying he will call Anandi and confess his love to her but then stops himself by saying these type of talks cannot be done on phone These type of things are discussed sitting in front of each other .He says to himself Mr Shivraj Shekhar wait for just one night tomorrow you will tell Anandi whats in your heart.


Shiv comes there .Dadisaa welcomes him .He gives Dadisaa parsad that his mother has sent .Dadisaa thanks . Dadisaa then apologizes to Shiv about yesterday Jagaya coming during Aarti.She says she never thought he will come there but what she can do she cannot even say to him why you went there because he is not well .Shiv says no problem .He asks for Anandi .Just then Anandi comes with tea saying I am here On seeing Anandi Shiv remembers why he came here .Anandi asks him is there any problem .Shiv says no then says to himself today he will tell Anandi all whats in his heart .Just then Nandu comes running downstairs with Jagaya after him stopping him .Jagaya sees Shiv and remembers his yesterday's meeting with him . Nandu says to Jagaya come chase me .Jagaya strictly tells Nandu to stop being naughty and behave himself in front of collector shahib collector shahib loves punishing people who misbehaves .All are shocked listening this from Jagaya's mouth while Shiv smirks .Shiv says to Jagaya you remember this all .Jagaya says how can I forget that..that was worst time of my life I had never been insulted ever more than that incident how I spent that night in jail only I know .All are shocked hearing this from Jagaya his memory is back except Shiv who keeps smirking .Bhairo says Jagaya now you remember all .Dadisaa comes near Jagaya . Jagaya then realizes what he said .He then pretends holding his head his memory is slightly coming back . Jagaya then says after some drama of memory coming back what he is doing here .He remember he wasn't even allowed to step his feet in this house Dadisaa tells him you were sick your got temporary memory loss . Jagaya says destiny is playing strange games with him when he didn't remember anything he got some time to spend with his family when his memory came back he has to go from here .He then says he has to go from here .He tries to leave when Nandu stops him crying don't go you promised you will never leave me again will stay here with us .Jagaya says to Nandu he promised to him when he was unwell didn't remember anything now he has to go from here .Ghena holds crying Nandu Jagaya leaving house in slow motion with others busy in looking at him session leaving house . Then Basant stops Jagaya. Jagaya stops .

Basanat asks Bhairo to forgive Jagaya since he has repented for his mistakes this not fair with him .Bhairo disagrees. Basant says why not why are you so harsh with your own son .How much he did wrong he has done right too .He worked at Naryan's fields , he helped villagers day and night serving against swine flu epidemic .He saved Nandu too so can't do forgive give him one chance to make his place in this house . Bhairo says whatever he has done now is nothing as compared to how much pain he has given to them how much wrong he has done who knows behind his this good works now he has his selfish plans .This all is his planning ,Jagaya shocked at hearing .Shiv gives Jagaya stern look .Dadisaa asks Bhairo what he is saying ? Basanat says you even doubt your son's illness .You call me egoistic but look at yourself for how long you will hold grudge against your own you will never talk to him disown him forever .Bhairo says in this house in my heart there is no place for Jagaya . He cannot stay here .Jagaya emotional at this .Basanat strictly tells Bhairo this house is Masaa's how much rights you have even I have you cannot alone decide you will stay here we have too right to decide Jagaya will stay with us .Bhairo says fine then I will leave this house with Anandi. All are shocked at this .An emotional Jagaya comes to Bhairo and Basanat and says to them please don't fight for me .This house is you all's I have no right left here so I leave this house .Anandi and Bapusaa should not leave this house they will stay here .He says he has done a lot wrong with Anandi if she cannot forgive him ever he cannot even complain because he lost that right. Jagaya tries to leave again when Anandi stops him .Anandi goes near him and says to him for her family's sake for their peace she forgives him .Jagaya shocked .All are shocked at this Dadisaa becomes happy .Episode ends on Anandi.

Precap:- Jagaya sitting crying and saying to himself he has done a lot wrong he just want one chance to correct his mistakes please Anandi give me one chance come back to me .Anandi and shiv in their rooms in thinking mode
Diya Aur Baati Hum 24th October 2012 written update Diya Aur Baati Hum 24th October 2012 written update Diya Aur Baati Hum 24th October 2012 written update Diya Aur Baati Hum 24th October 2012 written update

Sandhya lost in thoughts and Meena who is hiding the bank envelope in bag and coming out bump into each other. Meena drops all her things, bag, clothes, envelope and scolds Sandhya for hurting her. Sandhya asks sorry and offers help to collect all the things. Scared Meena stops her giving excuse of jethani-devrani relationship and hurriedly puts all the things in the bag. Sandhya notices the envelope and enquires about it. Meena goes off saying she is going to the tailor shop and the envelope is a letter to her grandma. Sandhya reminds her of dead grandma and Meena accuses her of digging everything and leaves.

Phone rings and Sandhya attends it. It is Ankita on the other end who tells Suraj had come to the house and she could not serve him anything because the baby was crying and asks sorry. Sandhya says it is okay and thinks why did Suraj meet with Ankur and he didn't tell Sandhya also.

Meena peeping into the ATM and observing other people getting money from the machine. The security suspects her and she tells him she has the account and has come to take money from the machine. It is her turn and she enters the ATM and wonders about the AC. She then blabbering to herself as she does not know how to get money and observes another person inserting the card and does so, then the other person enters his pin and she follows the same numbersand could not get the last number and asks that person to be a bit slow and also to tell the last number which she did not follow. That person thinks she must be a thief and is stealing his pin number. He calls the security and they decide to call the police. Meena is scared.

Bhabho is sitting in the hall with big green chillies. Bhabhasa asks her whether she is making pickles and she sarcastically says she is going to make green chillie halwa and feed him. Chathuri washing vessels laughs at this. Chavvi comes there and Bhabho asks her to help. She declines saying she would do any other work other than this and tells Chathuri to help. They get into a banter and Bhabho scolds them. She sees Sandhya coming down the stairs. Chavvi gives the idea of buying pickles from shop. Bhabho on seeing Sandhya taunts Chavvi saying people could also get readymade children from aashram and do not need to give birth to children and Suraj likes handmade pickles and so she would do it all herself. Sandhya offers to help and Bhabhasa asks her not to as her hands would burn. Bhabho stares at him and asks Sandhya to do. Sandhya starts cutting the chilles in half and Bhabho warns her not to touch the seeds to avoid hand burning.

Daisa comes there talking about some preparations for karwa chauth program and asks Bhabho to finish her work and join them. While going out, she informs Chathuri that Chotu called her.

Chathuri goes to the shop to meet Chotu. Suraj is discussing with Chotu and pappuda about the show they are going to perform. He informs Chathuri also. Excited Chathuri wants to inform Sandhya and others and Suraj warns her not to inform anyone, particularly Sandhya as it is a surprise for her and Chotu reminds her the same way as they did not let Suraj know anything about pappad making during the WTC. Chathuri wonders if Sandhya is not participating, then who would be the heroine of the hero (Suraj) in the show. Suraj tells her to be the heroine and she blushes heavily. Sandhya who comes out to throw garbage in the dustbin out sees them discussing and wonders. She is about to go to the shop when Bhabho calls her to the house.

Chathuri and Chotu wonder about the costumes needed for their show and Suraj says he will take care of it and a person comes there who is drama dress supplier whom Suraj had called by phone. He gives them a bag full of dresses and asks them to check fittings and inform him if any changes needed. They are again wondering where to check those dresses as it can't be done in the shop and also not in house as Bhabho, Bhabhasa, Sandhya will all be there. The dress dealer asks them to make it soon by the time he returns again.

Meena begs the security and says she is not a thief and she has the account and came to withdraw money. Finally, the other person believes her and then he also helps her to withdraw money. Meena takes the cash and exits while the camera zooms to the CCTV camera fixed there.

Suraj enters the house and sees Bhabhasa sleeping. He goes in checking about others. Sandhya who is applying ice to her burning hands while walking collides with him. He asks her what happened and makes her sit down and applies ice to the hand. Sandhya is tense and tells him she is okay and stop before anyone sees them. Suraj is not listening and applying ice to the other hand and asks her how she is feeling now. She again says it is better and asks about his meeting with Ankur. Suraj is shocked and fakes that something flew in his eyes. Sandhya cares for him and blows air in his eyes, Suraj staring at her. She asks him how is he feeling now. He says it is better but asks her to continue. Bhabho watching them from behind and episode ends.

Precap: Suraj, Chathuri and Chotu in the storeroom checking their costumes. They see shadow of someone coming near the door and hide. It is Bhabhasa who peeps in and seeing nobody there locks the door from outside. The trio trying to get out. Suraj carries Chotu on his shoulder, maybe to reach the window and jump out, but are shocked sensing 
Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 24th October 2012 written update Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 24th October 2012 written update Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 24th October 2012 written update Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 24th October 2012 written update

Neha goes and opens the door to see Rehan standing there and takes him down with her to talk to her. Next the bell rings again and Priya goes and sees it's the courier that Ram sent for Peehu. She sees the amount of gifts and decides to call Mr.Kapoor.

Here is the convo of RaYa. The Credit for the dialogue update goes to armanz

Ram: ha Samaan agaya?
Priya:Aapne bola tha kuch samaan hai ye to samaan ka bhandaar hai.kya jaroorat thi.
R:Hello main apni beti ke liye bheja hoon.Its my right.
P:Theek hai lekin poori shop bhejne ki kya jaroorat thi.Its a small flat and there is no space for us and upar se itna luggage.Pihu is just 5year old not 15.Its not KM.
R:Its for my kid not for u people.She is Pihu Kapoor daughter of Ram Kapoor.
P:I'm happy that ab bhi aap ka naam RK hai but why two Acs and Pillows?
R:Mumbai is very hot and i dont my child to suffer.Btw pillows in ur home r very hard.My neck is hurt then what about a kid?
P:Woh cushion the.if u had slept in the bedroom our pillows are also good.
R:I am RK and she is my daughter.
P:ye baar baar jo aap RK Rk kehte hai na mujhe accha nahi lagta.
Rshouts) what now u even have problem with my name?i dont have to argue with u.
P:Ok ok i have already thought what to do with them main thikana lagati hoon.
Sudhir:whats this priya?
P:Pita ka me a favour papa just allow me to keep them for sometime in our house.
Priya sends the delivery guys to their home and Promises Pihu that she will give her those gifts one for a month as per their routine aadat and the little angel who was wondering whether her papa has send all these for her accepts it.

Just then Priya realizes that she needs to give the receipt and she tells Sudhir to take care of Pihu.

In the building, in the basement, Neha is talking to Rehan. He asks her why he can't stay with them. He has no place to stay? He was accepted by their family earlier then why can't he stay with her? Neha tells him that he can't stay with her as her kids come to meet her and also its very difficult to accept the love child of your spouse. Just then Priya comes down, gives the receipt and is about to go up when she spots Neha and Rehan.

Neha and Priya in flat and Priya tells Neha to talk to Vikram as she thinks that the love child is Vikram's. and that's when Neha finally tells her that Rehan is her child out of wedlock. She tells her entire past story. How she was i love before she met Vikram. She got to know what love is after she got to know Vikram. She tells how she wanted to tell him the past, but he being a gentleman, said that hr past is her past. It doesn't matter him. And that's how they started fresh. She also states that her mother lied to her about the kid dying and her mother dumping Rehan at the orphanage. She praises Vikram and hisqualities. She praises about how he is dealing with everything!

Priya says that she needs to talk again to Vikram regarding this. Your love is strong. Neha And Vikram, Priya and Ram learnt how to love from you, we learnt how to take our relation ahead. You cant do this, there has to be a solution for divorce. She praises Neha, that for so long, she kept her calm, and fought with the situation and now cant run. Neha tells her that I don't know how I kept this hiding from you. Priya offers to get water for her. Neha cries.

Precap- Priya- itni mahengi shop se kharidne ki kya zarurat thi.Utne me 3-4 uniforms la sekte hai. 

Ram- ohh hello miss ghatkopar !! 

Ram- Peehu ke leye 3-4 uniforms kyu.7-8 lena chayeya ,Fir dhone ke tension nahi padege.Vaise tumare ghar me washing machine hai ?

Priya- nai mere pass ek acha idea hai ,Peehu ke sare uniforms main Kapoor mansion he bhej deti hoon!             
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