Balika Vadhu 23rd October 2012 written update

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Balika Vadhu 23rd October 2012 written update Balika Vadhu 23rd October 2012 written update Balika Vadhu 23rd October 2012 written update Balika Vadhu 23rd October 2012 written update

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Episode starts at Haveli and DS visits Jagya in his room and asks him about his health. He says he is feeling better. Anandi is standing at door and DS asks him to take breakfast. He refuses and says that he too will fast like others in family and will pray for Villagers' good health. DS highly impressed with him and his thoughts. J gives a victorious look.

At CH, CM comes to Shiv and tells him that after growing old he has started hiding facts from her, unlike in his childhood. She expresses her worries for him and tells him upfront, how displeased she is with J's presence. She is worried that if Singhs also feel that they want J back in A's life as Nandu wanted then he will lose everything. Shiv replies that he wants to support Anandi and does not want her to think that he does not trust her. He tells CM that he will return home on time so that they can to temple for Maha - aarti

At haveli, DS comes and asks Anandi to get ready. On hearing this, Jagya starts pretending and coughing. A advises DS that if everyone goes to temple, who will look after J. Ds says she will stay back with Gehna, but J pretends, and asks A to stay back, he again holds her hand. Ds says she needs to go as Shiv is there and since he is the collector A needs to go as sarpanch. Finally J suggests that he will stay at home alone and asks everyone else to go .

At temple all signhs CM and Shiv are present. All performing aarti turn by turn. Finally when it was A's turn SHiv starts moving towards her, but just before he held the aarti thali, J came from nowhere and held the thali ( He was all clean shaven as well). All are shocked. Shiv removes his and folds them to pray. Anandi also removes her hand from thali and backs off leaving J to hold it. J does aarti alone. All disappointed and CM walks off.

Bhairon suspects and tells DS that J might faking his sickness and he doesn't tust him anymore. DS scolds B saying that he just want to trust his son. And Ds sides with J. Basant also says that if he was faking LS would know. Bhairon is fuming in anger. J continues to have his evil smile.

As singhs were above to leave in car, J calls his Bapusa from behind. As he was walking towards the car, Shiv stops his way and offers him a saracastic lift instead. Very bold DC was back in form

The face off begins:
In car:
S: So how are you feeling?
J: better
S: you look quite fit (sarcastically)
j: Pretence cough
S: I understand you are hiding something and you have an ulterior motive to stay back, but just remember, I am no fool
J: I have a family here
S: yes a very good and noble family, so its to fool them, not me. I can expose you in one minute but I am holding off because I respect singhs
J: Gives his

crap sayin he is A's husband and can't think of hurtingher.

Shiv in all anger drops J and warns him that he dare not mess with family of A. He is not as easy as he appears. J gets FB of his interaction with Shiv. J says he loves hi DS and before he could say he loves A- Shiv stops him. Shiv says he loves A and can to go any length to protect her.

Jaggu ke hos hi udd gaye. 

Precap: Shiv realises that he has never expressed his feelings to A and thinks of calling her, but then decides to wait until the next morning.



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