Balika Vadhu 25th October 2012 written update

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Balika Vadhu 25th October 2012 written update Balika Vadhu 25th October 2012 written update Balika Vadhu 25th October 2012 written update Balika Vadhu 25th October 2012 written update

anandi forgive pighead... and says for family and evry one hapinesss...
listning this B is angry and says see what you all have done...again oyu all are tkaing away A hapiness and she forgiving J...
DS is happy and saying may evryone gets a person like anandi in there life
anandi listning this what B saying says yep you are right but not becuse she doing for family but for her own peace of mind... and for myself burden i am having on me and shiv stnding and in pain seeing A in pain and A askng B to forgive as now he has changed and now he has chaged and no reson not to forgive him...
saying to J you are lucky you got such family and have forgiven you now and now look after them and take cre of them and now dont let go it because of your stupiditya and reqest him to stay as this is his family and now no one will object if you stay
ebry one is happy and jublinet nad tears in eyes
DS says may god keep you happya nd again you saved this family from geting spertaiona nd hwo ever much she ask its still less from you and hugs her and A is very sad and turns and leaves and J is all shame faced and dosent know what to say and what not to
DS says to j she is very happy but j is not and DS says plzz dont now bhtkufuing angain and in this good path you ahve kept your legs now dont loose it and bless him and all leaves...and evry one welcome j back home nanadu hugs J...but j is not hapy and seeing towards stirs where anandi has gone...S still stnding even after all gone and then goes to A and says soem only knows to do nothing but mistake and some only forgives...its beter now he stys put and now dont get pride and think of A even after the pain you gave she forgive rember this and oyur proud nature will slap you and will throw you back to down to earth again and show you the reality of life

2nd part-
j is sad and BG music playinggg...seeing all home empty and A word firgven you and you got your family and rmbring time when anadi came as balika vadhu in havelli..and all the time slent with her and then how he entered with gauri and...thinking anandi w8ng for him happily and caling him back to her again and walking down the stairsss again and it tuk him to terrac and there he sees anandi standing there..and rmbers how they use to play in terrace and the day he left for mumbai sad for anandi...and touches anandi's shoulder and there she is standing crying.wiping her eyes but the figure vanish and its all dream he thinking about al this ke anandi will let him wipe her tears...real anandi turns and J hide and she walks back to house wihout seeing J hiding there and then J rembers her 1st night in terrace with A and jhulaa how they use to sit there and enjoy and J sits there rembering all time...abut how use to take care of him and remmebrs the time when B finally agrres for j to go for medical...and then how eh called up and said to A he dosent love her and divorce sigh time and hwo he blamed her for every thing that hapened with gauri and yet anandi always blessed him and hwo today she has forgiven him again for evryone...

3rd part-

j crying badly siting in jhulaa and saying why...what have i done..what have i done..i know i didnt do right with yiu and did all too wrong and till what line...its beyond even humanity about the pain i gave to youa nd today i am relaising what i have done to you and till what length i went to gave you pain and today i promsie you kee i will again give you all what you deserve and what was yous and i didnt give you now i will give you all every thing much hapiness so much love i will give you so many rainbows i will spread in your life ke even god will be amazed to see all those happy colours in A life and begs himself ke its anandi who gave him evry thing and nwo he has evrythign which he has desired but not anandi..he wnats his anandi back and for him as he loves her and now undrestands her importance and says to himself..he will get his anandi backa nd will bring her back in his loife and she will have to forgive him for all those he has done to her...

voiceover - begging or askign for forgivenss is never a sign of weekness but the sight of strength and purity of heart and in true sence relaising the mistake done and wants to rectifyyy

precap - DS asking J isnt he happy seeing A happy and J says how can he be happy seeing anandi marrying soem one else and wil remain of soem one else forever...hwo can he be happy seeing anandi going out of his life and DS is confused...shokedd...disbelief and cant seem to undrestand what pighead is saying and says what do you mean and J says he wants his anandi back...till nwo DS has helsoed him a lot and always stood by him..and then stnds with his hands in prayer to DS to help him last return him his anandi again and help him to ahve her back

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