Diya Aur Baati Hum 30th October 2012 written update

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Diya Aur Baati Hum 30th October 2012 written update Diya Aur Baati Hum 30th October 2012 written update Diya Aur Baati Hum 30th October 2012 written update Diya Aur Baati Hum 30th October 2012 written update

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Sandy continues saying she is Sandhya Kothari now hence do dreams for her as her duty is to take care and adjust in family, these are important for her.DeadConfusedSooraj asks her to swear on him saying she has no dreams now, Sandy removes her hand saying he knows she doesn't believe in those and stop disturbing families atmosphere and says not to disturb her with this dream talk any more.ShockedAngry Sooraj is shocked.Confused

Bhabo manofies Sooraj that she is right and when she is not ready for her dreams why is he insisting her to achieve it etc..AngryAngry giving some log example like when they are dry you can lit them and cannot do it when they are wet. wood example. Asks all to get ready for dinner, Sooraj says he will eat later and goes out.Ouch

Sandy trying to open almari thinking all the arguments with a wrong key. Sooraj comes in seeing her opens the almari saying with wrong key you cannot open, in a similar way a wrong decision can ruin life and asks to take a right decision that doesn't leave in regret.ConfusedOuch Sandy says key doesnt have its own identity and is based on the lock. Chotu calls up Sooraj to return the drama clothes when in conversation.Confused

Chavi talking with Dilip saying she cannot meet him as Bhabo doesn't agree and she gives a plan to him to make her agree.Dead Mohit listens this and taunts her saying tomorrow is her last day for 3rd year admission and she is making reason to escape from this. Chavi blackmails his dues with earlier ones and he agrees to be quiet if she also takes him as he can meet his friends and roam. DeadDead

Meena happy about SurYa fight.Dead Dreaming about her child and inacting the drama,Ermm Vikram gets to see money in her wardrobe while taking his clothes and gets suspicious thinking he will follow her to get whats running in her mind and catch her one day.AngryClap

Sandy in kitchen wiping things out when Chaturi comes in saying will give food box to her and let her go to Sooraj shop and make him eat and eat to herself as both have fought and don't let this continue.Embarrassed Sandy refuses. OuchBhabo hears this, sees Sooraj in shop doing some work says to self that he will understand later why she has done these as they cannot see police in their house daily. He can see her in pain one day but not for whole life. He will be restless and he will one day understand her when he is happy with his family and kids.ConfusedOuch

Sooraj with Bhabasa working on some fire near upstairs talking about the incidents.Embarrassed Bhabasa says if Sandy's dream was of a teacher or doctor he would have come forward to support more but they cannot see IPS Police officer at home daily running here and there day and night,Ouch Sooraj's will be in tension too. So Bhabo doesn't agree to this dream at any cost.Confused

Sooraj says if Chavi or Mohit had this dream wont they support them?. Sandy has that qualities, It was that Sandy who fought with terrorists, saved me from the blame in Singapore cooking competition, saved Bhabo from the bull attack and from jail etc. She has that braveness in her. Bhabo hears the conversation from hall.Confused

Sandy reminds Chavi as today is the last date for 3rd year admission as when Chavi was packing her bags for her trip.Confused Bhabo asks Sooraj to accompany Chavi.Angry Bhabo thinks once this last day passes out Sooraj can come out of this trauma as a year will go off.ConfusedAngry



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