Hitler Didi 8th October 2012 written update

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Hitler Didi 8th October 2012 written update Hitler Didi 8th October 2012 written update Hitler Didi 8th October 2012 written update Hitler Didi 8th October 2012 written update Hitler Didi 8th October 2012 written update Hitler Didi 8th October 2012 written update

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Written Updates

The show starts with Rishi going slowly lost in the direction of Zara and in this method the tie up joined by Kutumbh got burnt.Sweta calls Ricky but he's lost.
Indur states he understands Indira will arrive and an extremely happy Munna states this is the first time Ghajini says certain thing right.Munna moves to see if Indira is his sis and feels her he says she's not fake.Zara notifies her to stay away.Munna notifies kutumbh why is she standing afar and kutumbh comes and hugs zara.She conceives of Indira birth and tells Indur her daughter is back.Indur states he knows his female child will be back he furthermore has flashback of Indira birth.He arrives beside Zara and put the very dark spot on her to defend herand tells her indu is dozing and seher is with her.Zara is going to interpret but Ishaan hugs her and tells her she's late there's allotments of assignment which stayed to get completed.Indur states to Ishan he did not stammar while conversing Munna states why will he as his aunty is back.

Rishi hurls away the cloth utilised to tied his knot with sweta and hugs zara tightly and zara actually is panicked.Rishi is in tears.He calls her shreematiji and Zara tells him to halt by impelling him away.
Sweta shouts to halt it all as this is Zara Mallick khan a policewoman in Mumbai.Indira is dead and she'll not ever comeback again.Sweta tells zara she asked her not to comeback in this house why is she back again?Zara states she arrives to meet her hubby,Rishi smiles arrogantly and the other ones also.Rishi signals her to arrive but she passes him and moves to Khan who's standing behind Rishi.Rishi is disheartened and the other ones furthermore.

Zara greets Khan who inquires what is she doing here?Rishi hold Zara hand and inquires her what is saying :Khan holds Rishi hand and tells him this Zara but Zara completes Mallick Khan.Munna endeavours to explain when Khan notifies Rishi that it is not fine to converse so with someone else wife.
Munna notifies Zara what is she doing with the tenant calling himself Mr Khan.He inquires Zara if she's doing the firing of Veer zara.
Indur moves to convey the kulfi he conveyed for Indira.Khan is taking Zara up the stairs and Kutumbh stops them saying let her take her arti.Indur endeavours to explain pleading not to proceed as a outsider to scold them to shout at them.
Khan says they are all misundertanding her when Zara says she's not Indira/Babli nor Hitler.Rishi is giving her a grave gaze and zara states she'll pray for Indira coming back back.
seher calls for Sweta and notifies her that Indu is calling for her.Sweta states she does not want Indu to get affected with all these and inquires Khan to take zara upstairs.Rishi extends to look at her.
The priest asks if the plea desires to be extend everyone are calm Sweta arrives from up the stairs and makes everyone takes their location and notifies the cleric they need to extend the prayers as it was granted for Indur wellbeing.
Rishi is really lost.

PRECAP:Khan asks Zara in which mission is she in Delhi.Zara says now that she's brushed aside he's still questioning her.
Khan tells Zara to verify it he comes beside to a reluctant Zara.
Rishi standup from the prayers as his hand furthermore got scorched.


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