Madhubala - Ek Ishq Ek Junoon 29th October 2012 written update

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Madhubala - Ek Ishq Ek Junoon 29th October 2012 written update Madhubala - Ek Ishq Ek Junoon 29th October 2012 written update Madhubala - Ek Ishq Ek Junoon 29th October 2012 written update Madhubala - Ek Ishq Ek Junoon 29th October 2012 written update

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Episode Starts with the old scene RK tells her that decide what is important for you, the Pooja or the saree. Bittu ji lost in thoughts Dips ask what happened. Bittu ji says that RK is saying that they will not come in the pooja. Suddenly Bittu ji realizes that Its Dips and gives her the look.

Radha ask what happened. Dips says that I think its a problem. Pandit ji says that Its time for the pooja who will sit in the pooja. Radha says that Madhu and RK will sit. Sikki says that If someone has to sit in the pooja then me and Dips will sit. Radha is not convicned. Dips says that I can Sit 4 hours in the parlour but not in pooja. Sikki convinces Dips for doing such mahan thing, so that you can be a good Bahu. Shamo taunts Pado for RK behaviour.

Madhu and RK still fighting over the Sarre, but RK says that You have to change the saree.

Sikki says if there is no problem we will sit in the pooja. Radha tells pandit ji that They both will sit in the pooja. Bittu ji comes and Radha questions him that Where is RK and Madhu. Bittu ji says that RK said...RK and Madhu comes and says that I said that I said that we will come all togther in the pooja. All gets Happy.

Maadhu meets Malik and Pado. RK gives looks to Shamo so does Shamo. RK ask Shamo how is he doing. Pado ask RK how is he feeling now. RK says that I am good all coz of Madhu. These days we both take care of each other very well. RK says that now lets go to the pooja.

Sikki and Dips sitting in the pooja place. RK comes and taunts Sikki that you are sitting in the wrong place, Dips and Sikki has to move from there.LOL

Pooja starts, RK says to Madhu that lets sit in the pooja. Madhu feels a little hesitated and RK says that all are family so why you are feeling Shy. Shamo again taunts Pado for the behaviour of RK. RK and Madhu sits in the pooja. RK smiles at Madhu and says that That I told you that This color will suit you alotTongueLOL and says that Your face has such a great glow when you are in angry modeWinkLOL Pooja Begins.

Pandit ji tells Madhu and RK to tell there names and their parents. Rk starts and when comes to mother he says "Radha mohan Kundra" All get shocked. And Kukku ji says that she is Radha bhatia. RK interpts and says that I told you my mothers name not someones wife name. Kukku ji says that I will not tolerate this insultOuchWink Pooja continues and soon ends toooLOL RK gives Arti to everyone, except DipsROFL Pado does the tilak of RK and Madhu.


Shamo has to do the tilak of RK too and Shamo while giving a look to RK does the tilak. Rk says that atleast give me blessings. Shamo comes forward and gives blessing to RK and says that jab tak you are alive stay happy. RK Smiles.

Police Arrives and calls RK


Police says that I want to talk to you in private. RK comes to the police and says that RK in crowd is still aloneDay DreamingClap you can say in front of everyone. Police says that whoever tried to kill you is not from outside, its the member of your family only. Sikki trys to hide himselfDeadLOL. RK has a little smile on his face and turns back and looks at everyone! All Shocked. Shamo Shocked.

Episode Ends!!

Precap: Jagrata going on. Shamo proceeding to RK's room. Madhu runs upstairs. Shamo takes the ice dragor and hits RK(SO called pillowsLOL

Cradit: -Dimple-


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