Parvarish Kuch Khatti Kuch Meethi 22nd October 2012 Video Watch Online

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Parvarish Kuch Khatti Kuch Meethi 22nd October 2012 Video Watch Online Parvarish Kuch Khatti Kuch Meethi 22nd October 2012 Video Watch Online Parvarish Kuch Khatti Kuch Meethi 22nd October 2012 Video Watch Online Parvarish Kuch Khatti Kuch Meethi 22nd October 2012 Video Watch Online

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Written Updates

Kids in the room:

Kids get exiceted as they get to choose what they want as a gift. Everyone seems happy except Raavi who is still crying. Rashi says now they will have to fulfill random wishes too. Sunny baba says why will we ask for random gifts? sunny's wish is that he can sleep till late bcs he has to get up early everyday due to school. Ginny wants new guitar. Rashi first decides for skates but later changes her mind and says she wants lipstick bcs skates are old fashion. Rocky wants permission to go to Agra. Then he asks raavi what she wants? she says she doesn't want anyting jst leave me alone for a while. She says she needs peace. Still crying. 


Sweety says that she should go herself and ask for forgivness from raavi. Pinky says its not her fault. sweety says we didnt think what raavi wants. Pinky says its my biggest fault as she couldnt understand raavi. she couldnt see the pain of raavi behind her smiles. Rashi and rocky enter and say we dont want anyting; parents shocked. they say all we want is that parents understand their feelings too. Papaji says to sweety and pinky that you are their parents before anyting. 

Raavi in her room:
All adults enter the room. Pinky says i am sorry princess. then sweety says sorry. Jeet says that parents forgive kids when they make a mistake then when parents make a mistake then kids should also forgive them. Raavi forgives them and sweety deicides that they will go out this weekend for a trip. she says that best way to forget old bad memories is to make new fun memories. raavi says she want to eat and leaves the room. Kids follow her. Papji says its important to bring smile to raavi's face. sweety says pomise i will bring smile to raavi's face. Rocky's friend calls ( sorry dont know name). they plan for trip. His friend says tht my mom will get upset if i sit alone. she prefers me outside. rocky says tht cool ur mom is a rockstar. He says i wish my mom was like urs. he turns and sees sweety standing there. Sweety says come and eat. but she heard the convo. sweety says that everyone will agree tht no one better than sweety. 

Jeet house 

at jeet's house all kids go to sleep. pinky says that i know tht she is hurt a lot that the biggest hand is mine. Jeet says we will talk to her tommo. Raavi comes out and says that she does not want to go picnic on weekend. she says you go i will stay. Pinky and jeet try to convince her. she doesnt change her mind. Jeet says if she doesnt want to go then we will also not go. 

At ahluwalia house

Sweety says i will find the place and u book it. lucky says thik he while sleeping. lucky is talking in sleep. lucky wakes up says how can we go to switzerland in car? sweeety says i didnt say tht. sweety says i want to make kids happy. lucky thinks abt going to friendz farm house with swimming pool and sweety gets exicted. 

in kids room ginny comes to rocky room and she will sleep there.. they both fight abt bed. Rocky lets her sleep. ROcky realizes tht agra trip is also the say day as trip to farm house. he thinks abt what he can do to go to agra trip. 

Precap: pinky says she already suggestted tht lets call sweety and cancel trip. Rashi says can i have 5 min and 1 chance to convice raavi to come on the trip. maybe she might say yes. jeet and pinky ask wat she gonna do. she says magic.



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