Sasural Simar Ka 29th October 2012 Video Watch Online

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Sasural Simar Ka 29th October 2012 Video Watch Online Sasural Simar Ka 29th October 2012 Video Watch Online Sasural Simar Ka 29th October 2012 Video Watch Online Sasural Simar Ka 29th October 2012 Video Watch Online

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Episode starts with khusi telling "All want the answer na...The person who betrayed and made the sign in the documents...Then listen the person who betrayed is none other than simar"...All are shockedShockedShockedShockedShocked

Prem comes and asks simar to tell the truth "That you did nothing"..simar cryingly CryCrytells "yes,it's true"...Roli comes near simar and tells "what have you done didi"...Simar cryinglyCry tells "But i had done this for my baby "...simar comes near prem and tells "But i only made to sign on the property papers of the land which mataji told that she would give to the baby..But i don't know anything about these papers(stupid simar AngryYou didn't even read those papers ...What song are singing what ever i done only for my baby.what ever i done only for my baby...because of your stupid brain you made all baradwaj family members fools...) and simar tells prem to check the papers

Khusi comes and tells "Simar... you gave all this to your enemy...which(property) i always dreamed off...but in owning this everything someone helped me too...khusi goes near veeru and tells "whom i loved so much and holds veeru's hand"...karuna and sankalp are angryAngryAngryAngry...veeru tells "Billo i love you too so much" and veeru explains

Veeru tells " made the sign on those papers only..but i added some more documents of properties and business too in middle of land documents...but you didnot even read those and got all papers signed by mataji...I should have told these good news on the day which you signed those papers but I am waiting for full preparation of NOTARY"

They show Advocate handling all papers to veeru and saying "Now all business,property and money are in name of khusi"..veeru saying advocate "You had done all this good...Do something so that khusi is out of jail"..advocate says "yes"

Mataji tells prem to call advocate ..Prem calls advocate...khusi and veeru smiles evilly and tells "Ha call"Wink

Advocate comes and sees all Documents and tells..." signed all these papers, there is government Notary too,i can't help in this matter...all property is khusi's "All are shockedShockedShockedShockedShockedShocked

Manoranjan tells "Didi i told you before signing read the documents"

Khusi tells "Now cry outside and get out of here soon"..veeru tells "ha take your luggage and get out...i want this house clean"...veeru goes near Mataji's husband picture and tells "time has come dadaji,you should go out and throws photo...mataji is shocked Shocked...prem catches the photo (what a catchSmile)...veeru tells "wah prem you should have been cricketer" (LOLLOLha i have been thinking the same too)...

Episode ends

Precap:- Khusi tells Simar "simar i think you forgot something "...simar cryinglyCryCry looks at khusi ..khusi tells "keys of locker "...simar gives the keys ...khusi throws keys upwards and catches...prem looks seriously Angryat khusi

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