Balika Vadhu 1st November 2012 written update

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Balika Vadhu 1st November 2012 written update Balika Vadhu 1st November 2012 written update Balika Vadhu 1st November 2012 written update Balika Vadhu 1st November 2012 written update

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it starts with same as yest. episode...J stoping shiv and saying him he needs his anandi back as its only him who can return him back his A...J confessess all his misdeeds he did to break there engegment and all... listning this shiv says its good you realised your mistake but too late you realised...too late and now its all pver for him...but J cant take this no and shows shiv all the things A & J shared since child-shood and says why she kept all this things till date because she loves him still...J confeses he did wrong to A..too much wrong and she is extrem angry on him and wants to punish him...but in real she loves him and only him...he says to shiv,he is big man..shiv's heart is big and in such a high and prestigious post and any girl can be his life parnter but for him(j)its anandi only...J is like a dead person and its only A who can bring him alive back...J says A never loved him never..its just a respect and frinedship which they both share(S & A)

oh!god what a crap they showing...this pighead is just so repulsiv atm...and i ahve to bear this stupid episode...oh!god i feel like vomiting...

anandi walking in her bedroom and keeps J clothes and when turn sees all those things of hers and J in bed and thinks how come all this came in here and who opened it and is quit confuse...

shiv tries to says A has moved on and J says no you are assuming A said yes...she said yes to her dying mom..what option was left to her but to say yes to her dying tell me did she ever said you she loves naa...and S goes in FB nad rember hwo A has begged him to marry her...and J goes on saying he needs to understand that his and A's relation is not of now or tom. but since childhood...just by seeing A's face he can easily says whats going o in A's mind and same with her too...he needs to know that A never loved him its J she has loved and thats why she has till date preserved all those memory of him...and this love of A for J was recognised by DS too and she even asked A not to marry oyu and be back in J life and listning this S was complitely broken and so sad and hurt and in pain...

this is so absurddd...he twisted all his words...evrything is so twisteddd here in J mind and thinking and lolzzz...i was mere 8 or 9 years old and returned from hostel...evry evening this muri walaa use to come..that time he gave me little less muri...i asked him to give me more...stupid man didnt gave me...i got angry and said to him..teraa baap bhe degaa(your father will also give)listning this muri wala got angry and shouted at parents came out and evry one was gathered around...asking what happened...muri walla said to my paa...your daughter used slan language on my bapu(father)i was so scred what to says and what not to as my maa was very strict...suddenly it came out of my mouth i didnt used any slang language ...i tou only sais not he but his father will also give(insted of baap i said father) my paa was like where is insult in this...and lolzz muri wala got some good big scolding from maa... LOL..i just meet him this time when i went to pehar..he is quit old...asked him to forgive..he was well J is twisting words...and situation and seeing only what he wants to seee...he is ignoring the fact and truth...Angry

j goes on saying ke he needs A back and if S will go with marrige thing 3 lives will be spoiled as A dosent love him at all its J whome she has loved and will always love as there rishta goes to childhood...S has to say no to J family for this marrige and return him his A and bends down and begs S...S makes him stand and listen to chanting of J saying return him his A...he asks J what was anandi's reply to DS about J and ...and J truthfullyyy repliesss ke A said no to J as she thinks she will now betray you and she cant do that to S and his family so she said NO...listning this S is heartbroken and in too much pain... dont know what to say only rembering the time of A begging him to marry her and if left to her she would never marry again and alll...

S in his room and thinking about it..he is restlesss..he is watching his engegment day vdo and then sees hwo hesistant A was before putting ring in his finger and all past words of anandi about not being intrested in marrige but doing it for her dead mom and all...and DS effort he rembers ...hwo she has practicallyy created situation to have shivanandi one and is in great shock and in pain rembereing J word ke DS went to A to break her rishta with S and be again with J...he takes out the white kurta payjama DS has given him when he went 1st time for dinner in havellii...and then S thinks its true whateva J jas said as this time he was not faking anything and his words were all true...and if that so then a parent will get there son back..a grand mom will get hsi ladesur back..tai tau saa will get J back and most of all A will get her hapiness back and in between all thsi hapiness if anything is syanding and creating hurdel its he ahs to give them...the singhs there hapiness back...

voice over - a person who is true from heart,when hears the truth from others mouth can easily seee ke person is saying truth and readily and eeasily belives in the truth said...even when that truth might cause himself a lot of pain and hurt

precap - all in siting of singhs havelli sitting about marrige and shiv comes and says he needs to say evryone something..and says he cant marry...all are shoked and evry one face is shown one by one and J face full fo tears and then A standing on the top of stairs and the plate of laddooo is sliped from her hands and she is all shoked and cant belive what she has jsut heard Cry
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