Balika Vadhu 22nd November 2012 written update

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Balika Vadhu 22nd November 2012 written update Balika Vadhu 22nd November 2012 written update Balika Vadhu 22nd November 2012 written update Balika Vadhu 22nd November 2012 written update

shiv and anandi thinking how come change in plan..original plan and plan send is complete change and figer difference is sky rocketeddd... and just then jagat pita ji maharaj comes and confesse ke it was him who did it all and explains when and how he did it..anandi and shiv are shoked to lsiten and jagat ji says he has said all this to autority and nwo its up to them whateva punishment they want to give them and there outside as usual bhairo not satisfied and says some hidden agenda behind against this step of jagdish and DS tries to say f any hidden agenda he might never come forward and no one in this earth could say it was him(jagdish)who did this and shiv and anandi could never marry and this is because of jagdish only now they both will marry...
jagdish confesses to shiv and ask for forgivness and says to him he is sorry and ask him to say anandi to forgive him and anandi comes forward and forgives him...and finally bhairo and sumitra too forgives him and they are all now proud of jagdish and praises him for this beg step he took to save shiv and accept his crime and jagdish is very happy to have his family back and says he is now waiting for his ciming time with his family he now wanted to spend and asks bhairo to marry anandi with shiv wihtout any hitch as he wants to see her only happy...

voiceover - when a person finds the difference between right and wrong then all his heart changes and he becomes good from bad and finds the right road and things to take him froward in life with right decisionss...

 - ladies gettign things ready for function of mehandi and preapering mehandi wiht there own hands and anandi saysing to DS she didnt knew DS know how to put mehandi and DS having a cute love laugh



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