Devon ke Dev...Mahadev 16th November 2012 Video Watch Online

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Devon ke Dev...Mahadev 16th November 2012 Video Watch Online Devon ke Dev...Mahadev 16th November 2012 Video Watch Online Devon ke Dev...Mahadev 16th November 2012 Video Watch Online Devon ke Dev...Mahadev 16th November 2012 Video Watch Online

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Seeing the stray particle of hay in the hand of the Yaksha, Indr gets uneasy.
The Yaksha asks Indr that if he being the lord of devtas then he has to be supremely strong and thus can blow away the stay of hay.. it shouldn't be a challenge for him, should it?

Then Vayu dev intervenes saying "You fool! You are asking the great devraj to do such small things? I can do it easily "
As Vayu dev blows wind onto the stray of hay it doesn't even move a cm a side. All his efforts had gone in vain!

Then Agni dev marches in and says that he would burn the stray of hay..
Even Agni dev blows such torrid heat it doesn't get burned.

All are shocked to see this.
Now comes the turn of Indr dev.. so with his powers he tries to move the stray of hay, but even he couldn't move it an inch. (Seeing this remember of the episode when Daksha did something very similar to Mahadev here... but for a completely different and selfish purpose!)

Bali sniggers!

Indr asks who he was?
Devi Parvati comes and introduces them to that the ever illuminating - for whose introduction the tongue or voice isn't capable enough, and the thoughts in the mind aren't deserving. Nothing and no one can define him - is non other than theShiva.

Shukracharya appears...(Oh I so like this guy!)
They even before she finishes her talk fold their hands in reverence.

Mahadev comes to his original form... all the devtas have an abashed look in their faces!

Mahadev tells them that arrogance is the enemy of purity.. whoever is arrogant will never possess the divine powers... he says that they had thought ill of the asuras even before thinking of their own good...And that even the asuras have an equal right on the Amrit (Elixir)

Shiva says that when there is strength there will be weakness.. and to maintain the balance of nature and make things even between them Shiva decides to give back the Sanjivani vidya to Shukracharya.

The humble asura guru Shukracharya feels extremely grateful to Mahadev for the justice he has made.

Seeing this Indr also asks Shiva for which Mahadev replies there is no need for that- Pashchyatap (redemption) means the guilt you have for the mistake you have made.. one think the mistake is an act it is done somewhere out of the body they blame the act - the doer ship but not their own self ie one finds the mistake and the reason for it outside of the self .. Pashchayatap-the easiest way of getting rid of the mistake one has made!
Mahadev says that prayshchit is not well enough, paschyatap (remorse )is what they all deserve, as it is the redeemer of all sins.. it gives the path to find out ones own ego. If hey are aware of their mistakes then they have ti raise above it or they would continue doing the same mistake. This might end up becoming the reason for the destruction of them and the world as well!

At the Kailsh Askok Sundari sits pouting as she misses her parents and the gns along with Nandi tries to cajole her to cheer up but she still is upset.

Then Mahadev and Parvati ma appear...Nandi gestures at a pouting Askoka Sunadri... Shiva to Parvato "looks like some one is very upset with us!"
she doesn't answer.. but Nandi and gang say that they cannot see the sad face of AS.
to Whcih AS says that she is upset ith both her parnts as they are never available for her... NAndi and others also agree to it!.

Shiva then says that if they have made a mistake then they should get a punishment.

When Shiva asks her what punishment are they gonna serve.. AS says that she was just kidding and that she understands that the world needs them more than her..

The daughter asks- was it mandatory for him to drink the poison was there no other option?
She feels sad on the account that he had to drink the poison and his throat has turned into blue colour.
Devi Parvati says that it has become a story of one of avtars..he will also be called a 'Nilkanth'

Shiva says that if one person endures the pain to keep the world safe then it will be a privilege instead of duty.

Parvati devi says that if the God has super power he also has equal measure of duty too.

Mahadev says that he would tell her a story on the same ... its of lord Vishnu.

Mahadev then narrates the story of a powerful asur names 'Hiranya kashyap' , he did penance meditating on Lord Brhma's name..
Lord Brhma feels happy of his penance and asks Hiranya Kashyap to aska boon... in his boon te asura asks for immortality. Brrhma dev explains that who ever has born one day has to perish.
Then the asur to delay his death asks for a very unusual boon that "no body should kil him ... he should'nt be killed by a human or an animal ; by weapon nor by any instrument; in day nor in the night; inside the house nor out."
Brhman says that his wish is done.

WHen AS asks why did he ask for such boon, Devi Parvati replies that he wanted to become the God of all the worlds. He would kill the ones who refuse to pray him... but little did he knew that his won son Prahlad would make him see the real God.

Hiranya Kashyap asks his son... whom will he consider as God.. Prhlad utters 'Hari- Lord Vishnu'

the little one says like you have different names - Neelkanth, Tripurari, Mrityunjay, Chandr Shekhar etc...
Hrianya Kashyap's ego was hurt now... he tried to explain his son that he was the reason his (Prahlad) existence, he(Hiranya kashyap) has given him food, clothes etc...
Prahlad replies that father is indeed the for of God..Hiranya kashyap says that he shouldn't forget that Vishnudev has killed his brother Hiranyanshk.

Hiranya kashyap constantly imposes his wish on his son.. but Prahlad is in his Vishnu bhakti
Prahlad instead lectures his father to come in refuge of Lord Vishnu.

Hiranya kashyap orders his soldiers to keep Prahlad in the kothri till he tells that his father is the God.

As the soldiers bind him in shackles Prahlad chants Hari... and the shackles open all by themselves.

Again they do the same thing.. again the shackles open up!
HOw can these shackles open by thesemlves?

Prahalad replies that this is the indication by Vishnu dev that he wont let any of his true devotes be in harm..
So Hiranya kashyap orders his soldiers to push Prahlad from a cliff...

AS feels worried that how can be a father do like that!
Mahadev says that arrogance will make people forget the good...
Hiranya kashyap gives his son a last cahnce to change his mind and chants his name instead of Vishnudev's name... but Prahalad still chants the smae of Vishnu dev.. then he is pushed off the cliff!

Precap:A grown up Ashok Sundari is shown and she asks her father what is Tapasya?
Mahadev replies that doing it one become pure...

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