Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon - 22nd November 2012 written update

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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon - 22nd November 2012 written update Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon - 22nd November 2012 written update Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon - 22nd November 2012 written update Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon - 22nd November 2012 written update

Khushi is talking to Amrita that she is glad she is there and that she is not like the other girls and have helped her a lot. The presenter comes that they will be getting someone to help with the contest, his name is Mr Sam. He comes in looking all confident and eyes up Khushi, he continues that he is not able to train the women, he calls them horror stories and demeans the women. He tells them they need a miracle. He checks the girls dresses, he looks at Khushi and calls her a alien and she has old fashioned clothes, he tells her she should be there. He calls her his next project and if he can make her a diva he can do anything. Amrita makes herself feel better and Khushi asks for a jalebi and looks anxious. Mami is missing Akash and Anjali agrees that she misses Payal. Nani continues that with Arav is makes them feel a little better. Anjali informs that Akash they are settling in fine, Mami stating that she doesn't have anyone to tease. Nani teasing that Mami is warming up to Khushi. NK gets a call and it's the organiser and that the media are coming to the house to interview the family. Mami is excited hearing this and she wants to get ready and doesn't know what to do with herself. Khushi is looking apprehensive. Khushi informs to Sam she doesn't have another pair of clothing but she will manage. All the girls are doing various exercises like push ups, Khushi is not able to do it all. Mami asks Nani and Anjali how she is looking, Nani states she looks like Miss India. The interviewers come in and Anjali states that it would be great if Khushi is here as she watchesKamlesh's show. Mami states that she taught Khushi everything. NK, Mami and Kamlesh have a nice comedy act. Nani and Anjali state that Khushi is such a good person, Mami and NK have a fight over the mike and Kamlesh doesn't know what to do with them. Sam tells them to walk and Khushi wants to walk out but Sam stops her telling her its not so easy to leave he puts everyone through a regime. Arnav comes in and states how the contestants are doing, he replies it will be hard work to make them presentable. He sees Natasha and states he saw her pictures and they are impressive. Khushi is shocked and Natasha states she is happy that he likes them. Arnav asks who the girl is (pointing to Khushi) he tells Sam to make her to more, Khushi says 'what the' and Arnav states if she said anything, she replies nothing. Arnav continues they cant have sweet food like Jalebi, Khushi makes another noise and Arnav asks if she likes Jalebi, Arnav leaves and Khushi thinks wait till he gets home she will show him what she likes. Everyone is having salad lunch and Sam asks her what she is eating, he tells her the food she is eating is fattening, he tells her to have the salad, Khushi thinking that she will not be able to surive for long eating these kinds of food. Khushi comes to Natasha asking if she is having samosa, Natasha hides and warns Khushi not to say anything, and she is allowed one samosa a day but Sam will not understand. She gives Khushi one of the Samosa's. Contestants talk about Vikrant and Khushi asks who that is and she is informed he is some sort of player, Khushi thinking if he tries anything she will not let him go. Vikrant comes in and looks at the girls and informs Sam that every girl should look more georgous. Again Natasha is complemented about her looks, he asks her for a coffee but she declines stating she doesn't like the taste and leaves but Vikrant holds her hand.Nastasha is frozen and Vikrant is being rude. Khushi asks him to let her go 




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