Devon ke Dev...Mahadev 6th November 2012 Video Watch Online

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Devon ke Dev...Mahadev 6th November 2012 Video Watch Online Devon ke Dev...Mahadev 6th November 2012 Video Watch Online Devon ke Dev...Mahadev 6th November 2012 Video Watch Online Devon ke Dev...Mahadev 6th November 2012 Video Watch Online

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Asura's unity is for Adharma & Deva's unity is for Dharma, says Shivji in the Trideva's meeting. In the Sky riding on his chariot, he is waiting for the Tripuras to align.

Here Vajrang boasts of Shivji will forever remain in the sky, chasing the Tripuras.

Indra from Swarga is watching this, gets impatient, on why shivji is taking so much time?

Shivji multiplies himself. The Asuras are wondering from which Shivji they should save themselves? Vishnuji says this is the sign of Tripuras ending very soon.

Ashok Sundari (AS) is laughing at the Asura who kidnapped her. AS tells him my mother will be coming soon. Asuras tells her he will raise her & will marry her. AS tells him you can't keep me for a long time. She curses him that he will be killed by Nahush. Paravti reaches there, stops that Asura from hitting AS. Paravti wants to kill him, but AS says she has already cursed him. Parvati says, that's good, at that time she will be Nahush's power & shastra.

Vidyumali, Tarakaksh, Kamalaksh, finds themselves surrounded by multiple Shivjis . He takes the bow, arrow in his hand is ready, the arrow hits the Tripuras, in aligned position. Tripuras are destroyed along with the three Asuras.. Vajrang is shocked. Devas are doing Shivji's Jay Jaykar. Indra boasts without Devas help Shivji's would have failed. Naradji is shocked.

Paravti at Kailash too comes to know about destruction of Tripuras. She tells AS your father will be back soon.

Kartikeya too comes to know about this, says finally Tripuras are destroyed. He addresses his Army,saying Adharma will always be destroyed.

All the Deva, Vishnuji, Brhmaji, Devas, Saptarishis all are praising Shivji. Vishnuji says you've proved today, even your devotee starts following path of Adharam, you'll kill him. He says the place where Shivji has destroyed Tripuras will be known as Ujjain. Brhmaji says Ujjain means place of the progress. Shivji says one more task is left of meeting my daughter.

Here AS is getting impatient to meet her father. Shivji comes to Kailash. AS is thrilled seeing her father, goes running to meet him. She is curious about various accessories like seeing snake she asks isn't he frightened of him. Shivji says he is Naagraj, then pointing at Chandra on his head. She says I have seen him in the sky at night. Shivji says he wanted to meet you that's why he's come with me. She point her finger at Damaru, he plays it for her. She tells him why was he so late in meeting her. He says he is not late. She say now you'll have to play with me, but you must be tired today, we'll play tomorrow. Parvati thanks him for giving such a good medium of happiness. He thanks her for giving him a daughter. She feeds him kheer, sitting in his lap. He is full just having one morsel from her hand.

Vajrang says Shivji has cheated his grand sons. Shukracharya says it's he who has cheated them. They would have done Shiv aaradhna in Tripuras, that would have become place of Dharma, but you've destroyed them for your revenge. Shukracharya is pained, says no guru should get such a luck where he has to see one by one all his Shishyas dying. Vajrang doesn't have any answer.

AS is not ready to sleep without hearing a story. Paravti tells her it's good to sleep early & wake up early too.Shivji says will you listen to Vishnuji's story? AS says, Vishnuji is the one who sits on Sheshnaag. You Vishnuji, Brhmaji are Trimurti, Mother had told me.

Shivji tells her the story of Vishnuji's Matsya avatar. Sitting on her father's lap, she hears the story, there was an Asura called Hayagreev, he went to Brhmaloka, managed to fool Brhmadev & took 4 Vedas from him, he went in water with the Vedas. Without Vedas the Eatrh was in darkness. Creation was impossible without Vedas. Vishnuji was watching everything, he knew there will be Pralaya on Earth soon. King Satyavrat was taking bath in River. Visnuji took form of a small fish, she came in King's hand asked him to take her with him otherwise big fish will eat her. He took her in his palace. The fish kep on expanding in size when he kept her gradually in a pot, tank, river finally Sea. He realized this is not an ordinary fish, can be only Vishnuji, who appeared infront of the King, told him to take seeds, palnts, Shastras etc with him in a boat on the 7th day, he'll take them to a safe place. AS asks where did he took them? Shivji said, Himalaya, your nanaji's palce. Vishnuji then went back to water killed Hayagreev, took Vedas from him. Just before parlay. He as fish went to the king who was waiting in the boat, tied the boat with Shesh naag , took it to Himalaya.

King Satyavrat was called Manu, Vishnuji recovered Vedas & helped everyone. AS says that means God helps his devotees in every form & goes to sleep. Shivji has a proud, satisfied smile on his face with her answer.

Next day AS wants to play hide & seek with Shivji. She asks him to turn, will tell mother when she has hidden. Paravti informs him, now he can search his daughter. Shivji pretends to search her. AS is about to step ahead but he stops her, as there was athorn. He calls her, she goes running, asks him how did he knew about the thorn? He says parents always keeps an eye on their children, AS refuses to accept says it's because he is trikaldarshi, mother has told me. You know everything in advace. Shivji asks Paravti what else have you told her about me?

Precap: At Kailash all everyone the usual Devas, Brhmaji, Vishnuji have gathered. Vishnuji asks Shivji can he call him Tripurari from now onwards? AS says Tripurari means protecter of 3 lokas.

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