Pavitra Rishta 26th November 2012 Video Watch Online

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Pavitra Rishta 26th November 2012 Video Watch Online Pavitra Rishta 26th November 2012 Video Watch Online

Teju goes to the Khandesi home to give order for goodies for her parents anniversary party. Snehlata and Sunny are happy to see her but Jignish is very nervous .
Snehlata gets excited and invites herself and her whole family to this party .Teju just could not bring herself to tell her not to come .Jignish is even more nervous now and tries to take Snehlata's attention elsewhere by talking to her about sarees . Jignish takes his mother in another room and tells her that she cannot go to any party where she was not even invited properly . Sunny thanks Jignish for taking care of this situation. When Snehlata leaves , Jignish asks Sunny if he is serious about Teju .Sunny tells Jignish that he likes Teju and she means more to him than just a friend and when she talks and is around then he is very happy .Jigbish is very happy for his brother , hugs and tells him that even he likes Teju and she suits Sunny a lot .

In his office Arjun is worried about a CD .His staff manages to find it . Ovi is in her car and Punni calls her on her cell. Punni tells Ovi that she is very happy with her job and wants to treat Ovi as she got this job because of Ovi .Ovi tells her to text her the name and address of the hotel where Punni wants to take her for a treat .
When they meet , Punni puts up an act that she is so happy to see that Ovi is now happy in her marriage .She compliments Ovi on her diamond ring ( a present from Arjun ) .Then cleverly she just asks Ovi if she really knows Arjun well.Ovi gets uncomfortable at her query and wants to know why Punni is asking this question .Punni quickly tells her that on the day of the conference , Purvi had called Arjun many many times .Ovi is feeling bad that Arjun never mentioned this to her .
Punni tells Ovi that she should be more careful with Arjun and should keep an eye on him, if nothing else than at least keep checking his mobile about incoming calls .Ovi feels really uncomfortable to hear this but Punni tells her that as his wife , it is Ovi's right to check Arjun's mobile as clearly he is not telling his wife everything .
Punni tells Ovi that she is always there for her if Ovi needs it .

At home , Archana is thinking about Soham , when he was a baby , when she testified against him in court and how he yelled at her in prison that only Varsha is his mother and only Varsha has rights on him.
Manav comes to her and reminds her that it is 12' o clock at night .Archu cannot understand what he is saying .Then he shows her a cake that says ' happy anniversary' . Archana is first happy but then quiet , she tells Manav that why they have so many problems in their lives .Manav tells her that problems will always be there but they are with each other after 18 long years and there family is also with them and if they do not celebrate this happy occasion then they will be unfair to themselves and their happy day ..
Archu understands and she hugs her husband .They both cut the cake .Archana tells him that it is their wedding anniversary but she does not wish to celebrate it in a big way as she is unhappy inside .Manav tells her that he understands and they won't have a big celebration.

Ovi and Arjun say good night to each other and Arjun goes to sleep on his couch .When he falls asleep , a phone comes from his work .Ovi takes the call.It is from a staff from his office to remind him of the Pune meeting .Ovi tells this person not todisturb Arjun as arjun is sleeping and cancel all Arjun's appointments for tomorrow as Arjun will not be able to attend anything .She also tells him not to call again .
Ovi then decides to check Arjun's Inbox of incoming text messages .She reads the messages and appears to be very angry on reading them .

Archana is cleaning her cupboard when an album falls .She looks at a picture and telsl Manav that this photo of his is special to her as Sulochna gave her this picture when Manav's rishta came for her for the first time .Manav tells her that he first saw her in the rain, then many times later and then they got married and had so many r problems but then they eloped and got married for the second time even though she was to marry Jaywant and he was to marry Shravani . He says the they were happy because what they were doing was the right thing to do and even though they did not have a roof on their heads or even food to eat , they were happy because they were together .
Then Savita accepted Archana and they came back to this house .Then they adopted Sachin and had Soham and then Ovi and Teju...everything was going right for them but then they had those lonely 18 years in their lives in which they had to be away from each other ...Archana says that their mistakes were too big and maybe that is why they just could not say sorry to each other and allowed their ego to come before their relationship .manav says that all that is in the past and they will never let anything come between them now .Archana puts her head on his shoulder happily

Precap : there is some noice in the house .Archana and Manav come out to check ..Their family puts the lights on and wishes them happy anniversary .



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