Ruk Jaana Nahi 22nd November 2012 Video Watch Online

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Ruk Jaana Nahi 22nd November 2012 Video Watch Online Ruk Jaana Nahi 22nd November 2012 Video Watch Online Ruk Jaana Nahi 22nd November 2012 Video Watch Online Ruk Jaana Nahi 22nd November 2012 Video Watch Online

The frenzy at the university rally starts escalating as the students relentlessly voice their support for Sanchi and their disgust of the corrupt politics being played in their campus. The journalists continue reporting live on the matters at hand.
Subsequently, the police force arrive and try to calm the students. However, the crowds refuse to budge unless something was done to arrest the miscreants and provide justice to Sanchi Mathur.

Indu continues ringing the temple bell for as long as he could. Simultaneously at about this time, Sanchi slowly regains her consciousness. Though her eyes are shut, through her deep breaths, the doctor is able to decipher that she is whispering the name Indu

Ultimately, Indu's body does give way to fatigue. He clings to the temple bell in his last attempts and then falls down exhausted in front of the deity. 

The doctor comes out of the ICU and gives the Mathurs the good news that Sanchi had regained consciousness and was asking for 'Indu'. The immensely relieved Mathurs rejoice over the good news before Sushil sets out to summon Indu.

The journalists relay the information that the protests were growing in intensity with time. The students were not convinced about the lone arrest of Ranjith Thakur alone. They wanted the police to arrest all the criminals who'd been involved with him. They were determined not to let Sanchi's sacrifice go in vain.

Indu refuses to take even a drink of water till he learnt that Sanchi was fine. His friends try to talk him out of his stubbornness, but he doesn't bend despite his haggard state. Just then, Sushil comes running to give Indu the good news. He asks Indu to regroup himself as Sanchi had regained consciousness and was asking for him. 
Thereafter, a smile escapes Indu's lips. He musters all of his effort to stand up and gazes at the deity in front with adoration. Finally, the group leave the temple premises together - Indu being supported by his friends.

The city MLA watches the breaking news on TV and makes a quick call to the DSP/SP to question him about the ongoings at the Purvanchal University. The officer in turn gives his word that they'd try and nab all the criminals who had been involved with Ranjith Thakur. Soon after, the DSP/SP makes a call to his subordinate who was overseeing the rally at the university and pressurizes him to pull out all stops and investigate the matter as soon as possible.

A few seconds later, the news spreads around the campus gathering that Sanchi had regained consciousness and the students share many bouts of relieved smiles. Seeing that the situation had turned favourable, the policemen then request the students to disperse. However, the students are adamant that they wouldn't break up the rally till they were certain that all the gangsters had been taken into custody.

An elated Indu walks up to his in-laws and asks them if the 'good' news was indeed true. Veena affirms the same and asks him to go inside and have a look for himself. 

He gently opens her room door and approaches Sanchi's bed as she flashes him a faint smile. Sitting beside her, he takes her hand in his and asks her sadly 'You are fine, right?' 
'Why not? Do you think I'd have let you off so easily...'
'Why did you go through all this trouble and pain to save a useless fellow like me... I've never feared anything in life till today...but the fear of losing you was...' he pauses emotionally 'Anyway, thankfully the Lord saved you..if something had happened to you, I'd have died...I was wrong...if I'd have listened to you, we'd have never had to see this day'
Observing his anguish, Sanchi interrupts in an attempt to uplift his spirits 'If you don't stop crying now, I'll start crying too'
He instantly straightens himself 'Well..who's crying...' he wipes his tears happily 'I'm going to follow the path you've advised me'll be happy...I'll be happy and everyone else happy too...I've understood the fact that there's nothing worse than doing something that only benefits me and no one else...worse, if my loved ones fall into trouble because of me...henceforth, everything shall be fine...'
He looks at her with a longing gaze 'I've troubled you so much...please forget all of it like as though it was a bad dream...and get well soon...till I start hearing your scoldings, how will I be fine...'
'Really?' she smiles
'Yes' he nods

Soon after, the students come in and report on the developments that had been taking place in the university so long. They conclude their monologue by complimenting Sanchi on her achievements.
'Your fight has been successful...' Indu states proudly 'You've won Sanchi...'
'I have to thank everyone who's stood by my side...I have to go to the university' she suggests
Indu nods his head understandingly

Abhimanyu swiftly packs a bag - stealing his mother's jewellery and money as he does so. He curses his mother for her disregard of him, throws her a letter on the bed and then leaves the home with a bag in hand. 

Sanchi arrives at the hospital in an ambulance. Relying on the supportive shoulders of her husband, Sanchi walks amidst cries of 'Victory to Sanchi' as she reaches the centre. The students begin praising her for her efforts and her daring stance in the Ranjith Thakur case. 
Following this, Indu adds his two cents too. He claims how Sanchi had not only reformed the university, but him as a person too. In the past he'd never thought of the university as anything beyond a 'hangout'. However, he'd now realized that the university was a place to be respected - akin to a temple. 

The Mathurs are more-than-happy to hear his words. 

'While amending my ways..I've also realized that one should never be a burden on anyone...'Indu continues 'I'll strive to achieve everything in life through honesty and integrity hereafter!'

Tarachand finally breaks the silence with a resounding bouts of claps and the students follow suit too. The father begins speaking up in praise of his son-in-law 'I'm proud of you today, my son...something tells me you'll go on to become a very successful politician one day...much to the benefit of all of us...'

Indu starts blushing. He was elated to have his father-in-law's approval. Moreover, Tarachand had actually referred to him as 'son'.

A brief dampener in the celebrations comes in the form of Janardhan's arrival. Guddu and Rajjo instantly step forward and stop the professor from meeting Sanchi. Indu joins his friends, followed by the students too. They even start singing hatred slogans against him. 
However, Sanchi is not convinced that insulting the professor was the way to go forth. She requests the crowd to let him have his word. 

Janardhan finally speaks up - openly admitting his faults in the issue. He then praises Sanchi for her commendable achievements. He blames his cowardice for his inability to handle the dire situations that had befallen the university and begs Sanchi for her forgiveness. Sanchi claims that she'd forgive him on one condition - that in future he'd never permit any unhealthy elements to make their way into the college. 
'This university was once a very reputed institution that has lost its name in recent years' she she advices him 'As a VC, it's up to you to restore its lost reputation' 

The celebratory scenes reach their crescendo when the MLA himself arrives at the university grounds - bodyguards and all - to congratulate Sanchi on her accomplishments. He mentions that student union presidents were generally only worried about attaining political seats and that she was a very different student union president. His words seem to ring a bell with Indu (LOL)

The MLA also reveals that Janardhan had confessed everything to the police and had agreed to become an official witness in the case. The MLA then gives his word that he'd ensure all the criminals received the harshest possible punishment for their misdeeds!

Everyone's a happy camper!


Radha/Tiwari are leaving. Indu shuns them and orders them to leave. Before leaving, Radha asks Sanchi for her forgiveness and the pair then proceed to pick up their suitcases. 

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