Khamoshiyan 6th December 2012 Video Watch Online

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Khamoshiyan 6th December 2012 Video Watch Online Khamoshiyan 6th December 2012 Video Watch Online Khamoshiyan 6th December 2012 Video Watch Online Khamoshiyan 6th December 2012 Video Watch Online

The episode starts with aai saheb telling prateeksha to decorate the house for mahapuja.Prateeksha hesitates and says she can’t do all this. Sumitra tells her to do this for Gauri. Sumitra takes prateeksha with her.aai saheb is happy that prateeksha is a part of all this

Gauri goes aks one of her kaka whether Appa saheb is angry with her coz he left for the temple before she came.Her kaka says appa saheb isn’t angry with her and tells her to hurry for the temple.
Everyone’s busy decorating the house for mahapuja.Sumitra announces that Prateeksha would make the rangoli this time.Everyone’s happy to hear this except gayatri.aai saheb tells prateeksha to fill coulours to this house again.Gayatri thinks that whatever colours prateeksha will fill soon her daughter’s life would be filled with only one colour and that is RED

Appa Saheb,Gauri and all gather outside the temple.Gauri thanks appa saheb for arranging all this for her.She really enjoyed the puja.They all chit chat while Garv is ready with his gun to shoot his target and that’s none other that Gauri.Garv is just about to press the trigger when Appa saheb asks Gauri to leave for the aarti

Prateeksha gets emotional on stepping into Puja house.aai saheb and all welcome her and asks her to decorate the thaali like she used to do before.Gayatri isn’t happy with all these things and gives cold glances at prateeksha.

Appa saheb tells Gauri that its their family tradition to carry the Prasad to their house walking from a distance.They carry the Prasad to their house while people all are dancing around and celebrating.And amongst the crowd are some mysterious people eyeing on Gauri.Gauri spots Garv there.Garv tries to hide his face and leaves.Gauri sees him carring a gun and grews suspicious.
There Adi tells everyone that appa saheb has arrived.aai saheb tells prateeksha to bring the thaali doen.Prateeksha is about to take the thaali when gayatri comes and takes it and leaves
Gauri is again at the gun point.There’s a sound of the bullet firing and the Boshle family is shocked

Precap : Adi tells everyone that appa saheb is not in his room.Everyone’s wondering where he is.Prateeksha hears a knock at the door of her room and is shocked to see appa saheb


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